Reasons Small Businesses Should Get a Security System

Do you need a small business security system? The answer is almost always “yes.” Whether your business operates 24/7, whether you have a customer-facing aspect to your business, and even if you think you have no valuables to steal, there are inevitably very good reasons to protect yourself with a small business security system. Read more

How Home Security Is Beneficial If You Have Pets

Should you have a security system if you have pets? Some people are worried about combining home alarm systems and pets because they are worried about false alarms, with pets setting off motion sensors or chewing through alarm wires. Additionally, some people with dogs may feel that they do not need an alarm system at all because their watchdog is an effective deterrent to intruders.

Nevertheless, there are some very good reasons to opt for a security system for your home, both for yourself and for pets in the home. Read more

Why Professional Home Security Is Better Than DIY

When choosing a security system for your home, you have a choice. You can order your own video cameras, motion sensors and burglar alarms and install them yourself, or you can order a system from a professional home security company like Summit Security Solutions and let us set up everything for you. Which is better: professional security systems with no setup or doing it yourself? We think you will find that opting for a full-service professional home security company that does it all is the much better way to go.

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Common Home Invasion Misconceptions

If you have a home and a family, you have no doubt given some thought to the possibility of a home invasion. Naturally, you want a reliable home security system to protect your home. You should be aware that there are some common burglary myths many people subscribe to that are not entirely accurate. For your peace of mind and your safety, here are the facts about burglary and your home. Read more